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The Child Find Project

The Child Find Project is a service of the Clark County School
District (CCSD) under the direction of the Student Support Services
Division. Its objective is to identify students, ages 3 to 21, who are
not enrolled in public school and who may be eligible for special
education services. These students include preschoolers, students
attending private or parochial schools or students receiving home

Referrals for evaluations/assessments must be initiated by
parents, guardians or surrogates. Recommendations to parents
for assessments often come from community agencies, education
and medical personnel and preschool/day care centers. Parents or
guardians must consent to an evaluation of their child prior to an

A team of professionals will assess the child to determine if he
or she is eligible for special education services. An Individual Education
Program (IEP) is then developed for each child who qualifies
with the involvement of parents or guardians. The Child Find
Project staff also can provide families with information to assist
them with accessing community services.

Child Find services are available year-round by calling 799-7463.