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Down Time Procedures

In case of power, computer, server, or software failure, health office personnel will be required to use written documentation on a temporary basis. These procedures will also be followed by Health Office Backups (OBU) that have not had Health Master (HM) training.

The written documentation will be entered in HMS preferably within 24 hours but no longer than one week, as soon as the system failure is corrected.  If the school nurse and the FASA cannot complete this task within this time frame, the appropriate Nursing Coordinator will be contacted by the school nurse.

  1. The Health Office Worksheet (HS 651) will be used to document all health office visits.
  2. A copy of the To Do List pdf (Scheduled Events) will be used to document all procedures and administrations of medication. A current copy of this form is maintained in the designated area of the Medication Notebook. The School Nurse or FASA will make a photocopy of this form and utilize it for all medication/procedure documentation until the HMS is accessible. Until a School Nurse is available to set up a new medication in Healthmaster, FASA’s and back-up personnel will utilize the Temporary New Medication Worksheet (HS 159) to document medication administration.
  3. Accident/Injury/Exposure reporting will be documented on the Student Injury/Accident Temporary Worksheet (HS-98). The information will be documented in HMS as soon as possible by the FASA or the School Nurse (whoever was most involved), then the Worksheet will be destroyed.
  4. Documentation of screening results, referrals, nursing notes can remain on the temporary screening forms currently used or the Nurse Progress Notes (HS-50) until HMS is restored.
  5. Nurses who are covering for other nurses (or float FASAs covering for school FASAs) will assume the responsibility of placing all pending electronic documentation in the HMS program as soon as possible, no later than one week, and will reference the health office personnel who actually performed the task in the “Examiner” fields.
  6. Once the written documentation is placed in HMS, the written copy will be destroyed.