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Download page

HealthOffice Version 5.7 Automated Installer

Before running the installer below please make sure you save and close all other running applications as this install may force the computer to restart. 

There will be a black window and blinking cursor indicating that the program is running and installing on your computer DO NOT close this window.  When the program has finished the black window will close by itself and the HealthMaster icons should appear on your desktop.

Automated Installer


 Care Plan 2017 Fix --Works on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

 Care Plan Fix --Fixes care plans, click the blue link to download.


 Force Stop Health Office batch


CLICK HERE to fix error 339 (This runs extremely fast and does not notify you when finished)

 Remote Support --Program to allow help desk personnel to remotly fix your Health Office Issues

PDF Printer -- A lightweight version of a PDF file printer

Click here  -- Client setup 5.7 for manual install and configuration.

After you have installed the health Office 5.7 you can run the following update that will configure the SQL Server and database fields.

Settings File (This runs extremely fast and does not notify you when finished)