How do I reset my HealthMaster password? | CCSD HealthOffice Support

How do I reset my HealthMaster password?

Your login was set up with a default password. The first priority you have is to secure your login by changing this with a new password.

Once this process is complete, this new password is your password from this point forward, (unless you change it again).  If you ever forget your password, contact the SHOMS help desk at 702-855-5558 to have it reset.

  • 1. Open the “File” drop-down menu.
  • 2. Select the command “Change Password of Current User”.  The Change Password dialog is displayed.
  • 3. Type in your old (current) password.
  • 4. Type in your new password.
  • 5. Confirm your new password by typing it again.

6. Press the “OK” command button. Your new password is set.